About Us

NationalDepo is a subsidiary of Veritext, LLC, a national provider of integrated, legal support services. Veritext, LLC is the preferred choice by thousands of law firms nationwide for a full range of “on demand” legal deposition and associated litigation services. 

NationalDepo offers clients the best of both worlds -- the financial and technology strengths of a nationwide company combined with the entrepreneurial drive and local contacts of our agent-owned local offices. Our quality and reliability are unsurpassed. With National Depo as your business partner, arranging for all of your deposition needs is always just a phone call or a few mouse-clicks away!

Our offices are located throughout the United States, in virtually every major metropolitan area. The strength and capabilities of a national provider ensures that the appropriate resources are assembled to meet your needs. Click here for a list of NationalDepo offices.

All NationalDepo offices are connected through a centralized, Web-based scheduling system that tracks and manages every case. With one phone call or email into this system, clients can book multiple depositions -- including videographers and interpreters -- anywhere in the world.

We can provide you with:

A one-stop shop.  You can schedule an entire case -- any number of depositions, anywhere in the world -- online or with just one phone call. Everything you need is in one place. Like transcription services, electronic transcripts, interpreting and translation services, Internet depositions, certified legal videography, videoconferencing, video synchronization, an on-line repository, hyperlinked exhibits, and more. 

The best court reporters.  Our standards are high because, after all, accurate depositions are critical to your cases – so we strive to recruit the best. Many of our reporters have been with us for decades. And they’re experienced in realtime and other legal technology. The advantage: accurate, on-time depositions, delivered exactly the way you want them – every time.

The best case managers.  Our case managers are experienced in every area of the law. Your major litigation will get prompt, personal attention. Large and complex cases are well within our capabilities. We will provide you with a level and quality of logistical and information management that you can rely on.

State-of-the-art technology.  We offer you and our court reporters the best legal technology available including realtime reporting.  Some realtime technology requires licensing from Engate.  Because we are Engate Compliant, you are free to use any realtime software (through us) and know you will always be in compliance.

A range of administrative functions that take the burden off you.  Like flexible payment terms, direct billing to your client, electronic billing and payment receipt, credit card acceptance, and more. The advantages: you save time and money and are more able to focus on your core competency – practicing law.